ECTunes at EVS27 Barcelona November 18-20 2013

Thomas Gadegaard @ 17-10-2013

Visit ECTunes at EVS27 in Barcelona November 18-20 2013. We will be displaying our latest products and services for the Automotive and Industrial industry on Stand B170 and welcome you for a discussion about external warning sound for electric and hybrid vehicles.  

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First intelligent sound system ready for the after market

Thomas Gadegaard @ 04-09-2012

The innovative company ECTunes introduces the first intelligent sound system that can be retrofitted in existing electric cars such as the Citröen C-Zero, the Renault Fluence, the Peugeot Ion and the Toyota Prius. The sound system ensures maximum safety for all road users as well as a minimum of noise pollution for the surroundings.

The Danish Company ECTunes, which is financed by the...

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ECTunes launches artificial engine sound for electric motorcycles

Thomas Gadegaard @ 01-02-2012

ECTUNES now launches a dedicated artificial engine sound system for electric motorcycles. The system originates from the exterior sound system that ECTUNES has developed for automotive. The ECTUNES artificial engine sound system for electric motorcycles is the first to be introduced to the market.

There are numerous benefits related to electric driving. An electric car or a motorcycle...

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Investor backs up artificial sound for e-cars

Thomas Gadegaard @ 01-11-2011

In connection with the upcoming launch of safety sound systems for e-cars, the Energi Horsens foundation makes additional investment in the company behind the systems, ECTunes.

In 2010 ECTunes began the development of external sound systems for e-cars. Since then the market has evolved, and the company now also provides safety sound systems for industrial vehicles. And as US and Japanese...

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Electric Cars Need Artificial Engine Sounds

Thomas Gadegaard @ 01-04-2011

Sounds for electric cars should have the characteristics of engine sounds which alternate in pitch, frequency and volume in relation to speed and acceleration. These are just some of the conclusions found in “White paper on external sounds for electric cars”, the first report on sound design and requirements for sound systems in electric and hybrid cars. ECTunes in cooperation with...

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Intelligent sound improves safety on electric trucks

Thomas Gadegaard @ 24-02-2011

After a test period with a sound system developed by ECTunes Aps, specialists in sound systems for electric and hybrid vehicles, Danish company Hydro Aluminium Precision Tubing Tønder A/S has installed artificial sound in their electric forklift trucks.

As electric and hybrid driven vehicles are practically silent, they can be quite a challenge to safety in general traffic. Especially...

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Nordisk MinisterrĂ¥d support distribution with electric vehicles

Thomas Gadegaard @ 31-01-2011

Nordisk Ministerråd have just announced that they will fund an analytical project about the use of electric vehicles in inner city distribution. The project – SAFE Urban Logistics – has participation of the Danish businesses Bright Ignite, ECOmove, ECTunes, Arla Foods, and Post Danmark as well as Swedish Stockholm Kommun and Grønn Bil from Norway.


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The Latest innovation in Electric Vehicle sounds

Thomas Gadegaard @ 22-09-2010

There is more to electric vehicle sounds than engine noise and horns. ECTunes and Energi Horsens announce today, the introduction of a brand-new technology which brings intelligent sound to electric and hybrid vehicles. The new innovative system maintains the noiseless vehicle and at the same time adds to safety with specific directional sound. 

The Danish Investment Fond Energi...

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