Warning Sound Systems

for Electric & Hybrid Cars


ECTunes introduce the intelligent pedestrian warning sound system for silent-running electric and hybrid vehicles. By adding an artificial engine sound to the vehicle, pedestrians are alerted to the moving vehicle. The sound emitted is generated to mimic the vehicle's speed and movement, allowing pedestrians to assess which vehicle is moving and in which direction. Pedestrian safety is hereby improved.

Pedestrian Safety

After launching the first warning sound system in 2010, ECTunes now introduce the next generation of robust full-range outdoor automotive loudspeakers that deliver high quality sound, reliability and performance in a very small, lightweight package. With the loudspeakers and a new embedded electronic solution, ECTunes is able to offer a complete off-the-shelf solution that is easy to integrate at a low cost. All systems meet requirements outlined by upcoming legislation.

The basic pedestrian warning sound system includes 2 loudspeakers (1 front and 1 rear loudspeaker), a control box unit and the proprietary ECTunes Sound Core Software that connect to the vehicle via analogue or CanBus integration. This solution is available "off-the-shelf" or as a customisable OEM solution.

ECTunes Warning Sound System




ECTunes 3" Automotive Speaker



ECTunes Control Box 

Dimensions L96mm x H96mm x D90mm   L114mm x H52/17mm x D89mm  
Weight Approx. 300 grams   Approx. 400 grams  
SPL 2,83Vrms@1m   87,8 dB   -  
Amplification -   4 x 25W Class D  
Power Consumption    -   Max current @ nomal operating voltage: 4A (2 x 25W, 12V)    
Freq Response (81dB) 125Hz - 13500Hz   -  
Cold/Heat -40/+105 C   -40/+85 C  
Ingress Protection Rating IP68   IP67