Warning Sound Systems

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ECTunes introduce the intelligent warning sound system for silent-running electric motorcycles and scooters. By adding an artificial engine sound at low speeds, pedestrians and cyclists are alerted to the moving vehicle. The sound emitted is generated to mimic the vehicle's speed and movement, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to assess which vehicle is moving and in which direction. Pedestrian and cyclist safety are hereby improved. Artificial engine sound especially for motorcycles is not only about safety but also about audio branding and enhancing the driving experience.

Driving Experience & Safety

The warning sound system from ECTUNES includes an all-in-one box containing a loudspeaker and electronics. This unit can be integrated into the motorcycle's/scooter's design by mounting it in the front of the motorbike or scooter e.g. under the headlights. However, it is possible to order speaker units and electronics without the box. Connected to the ignition on/off, the system receives speed information from the vehicle. The system then replays artificial engine sounds that mimic the vehicle's speed and movement. The loudspeaker and the electronics are made especially to cope with all kinds of weather conditions such as rain, dust, heat etc.

ECTunes MC One Box Solution

Dimensions L96mm x H96mm x D90mm
Weight Approx. 400 grams
Max SPL 98 dB
Amplification 25W Class D
Power Consumption      Max 25 W
Freq Response 125Hz - 15000Hz
Cold/Heat -40/+85 C
Dust/Water IP68