REPORT: Sound For Electric Powered Vehicles

In this project external sounds were developed for electrically powered motorcycles and buses with a user driven innovation and design method. One of the findings showed that the participants (users and blind) prefer sounds that are closest to something recognizable and that have a relatively easy and light expression. Find more interesting conclusions in the report.

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WHITE PAPER: Electric Vehicles Need Engine Sounds

Sounds for electric cars should have the characteristics of engine sounds which alternate in pitch, frequency and volume in relation to speed and acceleration. These are just some of the conclusions found in “White paper on external sounds for electric cars”, the first report on sound design and requirements for sound systems in electric and hybrid cars.

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Report: SAFE Urban Logistics

This report is produced by the SAFE Urban Logistics project - a Nordic Energy & Transport project that aims to study and analyze the prospect of integrating electric vehicles in the goods distribution of urban areas. The goal of the project is to create best practice solutions, offer promising opportunities for urban logistics operations in order to become both more efficient and more environmentally sustainable. The SAFE Urban Logistics aims to match business model for making the application of electric vehicles within inner city logistics happen.  

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